Lloyd Snook for City Council

Experienced Leadership for Charlottesville’s Future

Charlottesville has been through some tough times in the past few years. We need solid leadership to get us moving forward on problems like affordable housing, transportation planning, and fixing the reading achievement gap in our schools.

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Why I’m Running


Charlottesville has been my home for 57 years. After the violence of August, 2017 we learned about chaos at the top levels of our government, and that chaos continues even today. Councilors have reported (at a public meeting in December, 2018) that they don’t work well together, and in many cases don’t trust each other. They certainly aren’t working well together. There is even confusion about the basic notion of how our Council-Manager system of government is supposed to work.

We have big challenges ahead. We need to look — together — at the history of slavery and racism whose vestiges continue to poison our society. We are no longer a 20th Century town; we are a 21st Century city, with city-like problems of affordable housing and gentrification and transportation planning. As the New York Times recently exposed, the achievement gap in our schools is among the most severe in the nation. .

It is impossible to begin to address these issues when Council itself is so dysfunctional. I don’t claim to be able to fix this problem single-handedly, but I want to be one-fifth of the solution.